The Maurice River School

The Maurice River School

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Master Class Workshop
July 14 - July 20, 2019
Call (614) 565-7549 or email Nancy Mulick

Each day a demonstration by one of the instructors will be given either at The Barn Studio pond or on location along the wild and scenic Maurice River, one of the last unspoiled watersheds in the eastern United States. This will be followed by individual working time on location.

The Barn Studio of Art: The Maurice River Valley and the grounds of the Barn Studio of Art offer beautiful environments of flower gardens, ponds, wetlands, river views, and large sky vistas to truly inspire the painter. This workshop offers daily demonstrations by professional artists, tranquil hours of painting time, and lively conversations with fellow artists. The Barn studio of Art provides the perfect setting for launching daily painting sessions. “We look forward to a wonderful week of painting, fun and inspiration!”

Class fee is $560.00 per person. Because of the unique nature and limited class size, it is expected to fill quickly. Be sure to apply as soon as possible to hold your spot. Class fees are not refundable or transferable.

For more information regarding the Maurice River and its tributaries, visit the National Parks Service website.

Download an Adobe Acrobat® PDF of the class brochure.